I added some of the photographies I did for Schokoladen Visbek.

JULY 2017

I did some minor redesigning of my webpage and introduced this news section where I will post some stuff from time to time.

Spiderman Homecoming started in the cinemas. This was the first project I had the pleasure to work on at my current employer Trixter Berlin.

Wow!!! The last project League of Angels "Paradise Land" I worked on at my former employer nhb Hamburg was featured on fxguide. One of my main responsibilities was improving the overall shot pipeline but I did the grooming, shading, lighting and rendering of all shots as well. Check it out!

JUNE 2017

I started a new exiting coding project called "CocoNodz". It will be open source, available via github and will aim to the cg shading and lighting folks working with Maya and/or Katana primarily. I can't tell too much about it at the moment, but I'm working hard to push it to a usable direction. So stay tuned!


I'm happy to say that I was hired by Trixter Berlin in february where I'm a part of their awesome Pipeline Team. I'm mainly responsible to help them maintaining and improving their Katana Pipeline which is an exiting task.

JUNE 2016

The german visual effects and animation magazine Digital Production has released an article in their edition 5|16 about the project "Clash of Kings" I worked on with the team of nhb Berlin. You can read a bit more about it here. (german only). I was responsible to build a flexible and fast Render-Pipeline using Maya, Arnold and Golaem. We only had a bunch of days to get the CG shots done, but these components played really well together.